Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Assalammualaikum semua...

Hai...Aku kembali...agaknya aku nie dah selesai misi pertapaan kot!! hopefully laaa...hehehe...utk my best friend aku Simah, terima kasih kat hang tak pernah mengenal erti jemu dalam nk terus berhubung dengan aku dan kawan2 yang lain. Aku respect kat hang!! So aku harap pada diri aku sendiri dapat menyumbangkan sedikit idea pada masa-masa yang akan datang dalam blog kita nie.

Thursday, July 05, 2007



i am not sure whether u all still remember him.. he was with us in form 2 i think.. i think he moved somewhere else ... he used to live kat Quaters dekat dengan rumah azura..mazni .. masyitah...he was the fair skin guy in which i think ramai yg minat kat dia..

This friend of ours.. Shami... as i have heard from his cousin...our friend shami is very very ill... his kidneys r both not functioning.. sakit buah pinggang... he needs a donor...and his condition doesnt look very promising...

I cant imagine how his wife n 2 children are feeling right many tears they have shed and r shedding.... i will be away most of the time this summer and will be away from the internet connection more often than not... if u can help in any way in finding a donor.. please contact his cousin at...

i do not know shami closely but if there is any way we all can help... please do.. i beg u... try to imagine urself in his place..what will u feel?

Our prayers will always be wth u shami!


Friday, June 01, 2007


I have sort of ignored this blog.. Mat kie has been MIA (missing in action) as well...i dunno where he is now... i havent heard from amiza as well... it will be sad if this blog die an unexpected death......

anyway... this blog has changed pasword (not my fault)..... mat kie n amiza.. if u read this, please email me... i am not sure which one is ur email now... thanks..

A TESL friend of mine just came back from her holiday in Langkawi... she snapped a few photos of the of them being the Kuah Jetty...

Ah.... what memories i have there.... i remember how i used to sort of *kebas* my dad's car and together with my 3 younger siblings (they were only in primary school then)... we used to go to the Jetty area... if it was quite early, we would melepak at the eagle area... n there was one time when i had a little bit of money, we bought kfc from the jetty and went into taman lagenda... i remember how romantic the view was.. lights surrounding the 8 kilometres walk of the taman... the Kuah mosque looking magnificent... that in my imagination, i was thinking of how romantic it was to walk under all those lights in the arms of my sweetheart (harammmmmmm)...well.. they were just my thoughts... no harm done hehehe ... instead.. i was with my siblings... young as they were... the experience was nice all the same.. us being young n carefree.... no worries... (except the risk of us being scolded by my dad sebab kebas kereta hehe)

i suppose the island is far too comercialised now... when i first step into it, it was newly declared as a duty free island.. it was still a kampung type of island... how it had developed over the years... n now.. i cant imagine how it is even.... i really hope if there is rezeki nxt summer, when i can come back to Malaysia with my beloved family... i will have the chance to show my hubby n kids the island i love n perhaps meet up with mat kie n family n whoever of the old school chums who may still reside there....

ahhhhhh langkawi... if i say that i dont dream of u... i am lying...

Saturday, January 13, 2007

Long time no see

My apologies for neglecting this site for far too long..i guess everyone is busy..with the school holiday and what not... now holiday is over..and we r in a new year..the year 2007.. Hopefully this year will be better than the last one...and more of ur dreams will be fulfilled.

I have a question i need to pose to u... now we r in the older version of blogger. do u want this blog to be converted to the new version?what do u think? till i hear from u.. i will keep this blog in the older version..

hmmmm... so many years have passed.. those in my batch, we have crossed the line age of 30..we were so young then..still r of course hehhe young at heart..though some of us may have started to develop more wrinkles somewhere (not me yet luckily hehehe.. i just develop body fat!!)

Some of u may have gotten married.. have kids.. with a good career..and a happy life.. that is what everyone wants i suppose.. some of us may not be so lucky...Some of us may still be alive.. n some may even be dead.. i dunno....all of us leading a life we have been destined to live.. making choices we have to make...

When mat kie told me about some of our friends.. who marry who ages couple stuck to my mind.. our classmates in form 3.. shida n khairul.. they got marry to each other! heheh

Shida.. i remember her in the group with umi n jamilah.. i think she was among those who left mahsuri to further her studies in Mrsm (pls correct me if i am wrong).. ..shida is so soft spoken.. soft natured..definitely a guy's dream..and khairul.. he is one of the cutest guy that year.. with his skin fair.. if i am not mistaken, he used to hang around yusmizan..he also left to further his studies..i think to the technical school..

How funny isnt it.. ? in those times.. who would have thought these 2 classmates would be in romance n tie a not to live happily ever after... we all were so innocent then.. puppy love...crush..etc..etc..happy n gay times..i dunno when their romance blossomed..but i guess it did at one point of their lives...n i am so happy for them..both r nice people.. :0) I wish them all the happiness n the world :0)

I wish all of us all the happiness in the world as well.. life with its up n down is normal..dont let it be a reason to prevent u from being happy....:0)

Tuesday, November 14, 2006


Penubuhan Persatuan bekas pelajar mahsuri. Mat kie atau sesiapa yg berkaitan.. apa kah perkembangan terbaru dalam hal ini?


Sunday, October 29, 2006

Salam Aidilfitri dari kami di sini..

Anak-Anak kesayangan aku..
Nur Hatice Zaim (sebutan dia Nur Hatije) dan Sabahaddin Zaim (aku panggil dia Baddin)

Hatice dan baddin dengan coklat kesukaan depa.. coklat Cadbury

Halil ambik coklat dari hatice..
Kat sini raya makan coklat..

My family 2006

*A happy and chubby couple in love*
Aku dan Halil
Ni aku pakai baju mak aku..dia jahit masa tu aku duduk lagi kat langkawi.. more than 12 years ago..

Keluarga Zaim

Aku ada cerita mcm mana perayaan raya aku kat sini kat blog aku sendiri (click here).. Kalau korang rajin..baca la :0)

Thursday, October 19, 2006

Salam Aidilfitri

Bila aku baca entry hang mat kie... sejuk balik hati aku...aku ingat hang dah tak minat dah main blog esp kat geng mahsuri dah..terasa keseorangan pulak kat sini.. sedih ja aku..kalau aku membebel sorang sorang pun tak guna jugak terutamanya this blog is meant for our alma mater memory..dan aku walaupun kuat membebel especially in my own personal blog... bila kat blog ramai ramai ni nak bebel sorang tu tak best la.... Terima kasih la sebab hang masih meneruskan usaha hang utk mempromotekan blog kita..kat reunion lagi tu..wei aku jelessssss.....
i really really hope that all our friends akan sekurang kurangnya masuk blog ni.. dan kalau depa sanggup jadi member blog ni..lagi la best.. boleh la kita sama sama dengaq their point of view pulak... masa dulu... dan sekarang...about their present lives etc etc..
So Kengkawan Mahsuriku SEKEliaN...
kalau korang berminat nak jadi blog ni punya tukang bebel (in a good korang bila lagi nak kutuk member sendiri?) hehehe... Please..please do send me an email... ..hantaq email kat aku kat
dan aku akan hantaq kat korang an invitation mail to join this blog.. all u have to do is to accept the invitation dan lepas tu... korang boleh access this blog as the contributors..
Malam ni malam Lailatul Qadar... marilah kita membanyakkan ibadat.. dan tak lama lagi..aku tak sure kat Malaysia raya bila....kat turki ni raya hari isnin.. mesti korang semua dok sibuk buat segala persiapan baju raya kan? siapkan duit raya utk anak sedara.. (takkan hangpa dah tua dok ambik duit raya kot??? hehehe)..sapa yg dah kawin tu..siap kuih raya...beli baju kat anak anak (kalau hangpa ada anak).. yg single tu... mesti dok siapkan baju nak melaram ...entah baju berapa pasang hehehe..
aku baju raya dah bertahun tak buat...asyik dok recycle baju kurung yg aku kebas dari my mom n my lil sis..tapi sejak dua menjak dah gemuk sesangat ni.. baju tu pun sendat.. ntah nak pakai baju apa tahun ni... kat turki ni...raya biasa saja.. nanti aku update pasal raya kat istanbul ni.. gambaq lambat sikit la.. hangphone snap tak leh nak buat sebab hp rosak..kena pakai camera tok kadok jugak la aku :0)
Sempena bulan yg mulia ni.. aku dan family.. terutamanya aku la... memohon ampun dan maaf kat korang semua atas segala kesilapan.. salah tutur ka..salah action ka yg mungkin pernah mengguris hati korang semua... aku ni jenis cakap ikut suka hati ja...still ikut cakap ikut suka hati.. heheh mesti at one point during our friendship or foe (kot kot la kita pernah bermusuh)....aku pernah menyakitkan hati sorang..
Aku mintak maaf zahir dan batin..
Salam Aidilfitri
untuk Semua di mana saja korang berada...
I hope that one day i too can join u all for the reunion..coz Mahsuri is always in my heart..

Jgn lerrr terasa...

Simah aku minta maaf berbanyak-banyak lerr...dah sunyi berbenar kita punya blog. Aku mmg respect pasal hang tak pernah give-up dan blog ini salah satu cara hang nk mendekatkan diri hang ngan member-member kita yang lain...

Hang jagan risau....sepanjang 'pertapaan' aku, Blog ini dah aku uar-uarkan pada bacth kita kat sekolah mahsuri...antara member yang betoi rindu kat hang si Salizan dan Yusmizan Aziz...

Semalam aku baru aje menghadiri satu mesyuarat reunion yang mana kebanyakkan semua budak lelaki Mahsuri hadir...kalau tak silap aku bukan setakat budak kelas hang saja...semua wakil dari kelas sains sampai ke budak 5 sastera 4...aku mmg teruja dengan semangat depa...dah lerr tu, itu adalah mesyuarat kedua mereka sempena reunion masa hari raya nanti(first meeting aku tak pi)...sebenarnya banyak agenda yang mereka cuba ketengahkan...antaranya menubuhan persatuan bekas2 pelajar Mahsuri dan akan didaftarkan...dan kita akau kutip yuran untuk dijadikan dana...dalam masa yang sama kita dapat jalankan aktiviti tanpa mengira masa dan ketika

Pada Mesyuarat itu aku ada bercakap sikit ttg our blog yang diwujudkan oleh hang...mmg depa betoi2 excited!! aku berjanji akan cuba mendokumentasikan reunion tersebut aku aku masuk semua pic dalam blog nie untuk tatapan hang dan semua org yang join blog kita nanti...yang bestnye ada gak budak2 SMK Tunku Putra Pdg Matsirat...mmg depa teruja beb!!!

So hang bersedia lerr aku akan buat promosi besar-besaran pada reunion nanti....tunggu ledakan itu yek!